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Distribution Ends In:

Total Token Sales in 38 days

Token Price : 0.05$, 0.10$, 0.15$

Token For Crowd Sale : 55,000,000

Sale Launch : 25th Feb 2018

Max supply : 90,000,000

Total Phase 1: 30 Millions Rate 0.05$ (Sold Out)

Total Phase 2: 15 Millions Rate 0.10$ (Sold Out)

Total Phase 3: 10 Millions Rate 0.15$ (Sold Out)

Token In Circulations: 55,000,000

Current Token Price : 0.15$

Exchanges where we have applied for listing NTM:

What is ERC20 ? ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments.
The Ethereum token standard (ERC20) is utilized for Ethereum smart contracts. Created in 2015, ERC20 characterizes a typical rundown of guidelines that an Ethereum token needs to execute. Enabling designers to program how new tokens will work inside the Ethereum biological community. This token convention wound up well known with crowdfunding organizations by means of initial coin offering (ICO).
As of January 2018, there were in excess of 21,000 ERC20 token contracts. Among the best ERC20 token deals are EOS, Sirin Labs, Bancor, Quash, and BANKEX raising over $70 million each. Mercury Protocol's Global Messaging Token is a case of an application in view of ERC20 tokens.

Token Distribution

  • Crowd Sale 59%
  • Token For Team & Management 3%
  • Community Reward 28%
  • Marketing & Partner Support 10%

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Idea Development

Every idea has to start somewhere. The idea of Neoterium (NTM) Project was produced on 20th June 2017 by our group of 15 exceedingly gifted individuals with extraordinary information on programming, developing, coding and designing, block chain innovation who have also worked in several organizations and deployed various projects.

2017 June 20th

Start Development on the Project

Verification of idea and model improvement of the decentralized pub/sub portal. Planning the blocklet design and Open Chain Access Protocol. Making the back office, front end, back end of the venture joined to the site to make it simple for general society to get to Neoterium.

2017 December 20th


On your mark, Get set, Go! We Start Our 1st Pre-ICO sale!

2018 Feb 25th

Launch Official ICO

From 1st of March We Will Start Our Official ICO Sale

2018 March 1st

List in Open Exchange

The exchanges where we have officially applied for listing NTM coin are Hitbtc, Bittrex, Poloniex, Cryptopia, Coinexchange. We have other exchanges in the queue to list on such as Binance, Kucoin, Yobit and Livecoin. The coin (NTM) will be listed in coinmarketcap which is one of the more valuable destinations for getting a diagram of the cryptographic money advertise.

2018 May 5th

Travel & Tourism

Advancement on our travel and tourism venture will start. Essential thought is to expand the ease of use of NTM coin and merchants accepting it as a form of payment. NTM will indubitably tender its clients with an outstanding one stop travel solution. Over 200 million people work in the travel and tourism industry worldwide. Our travel and tourism will be designed to give you the skills and knowledge to maximize career opportunities in this rapidly expanding industry.

2018 November 10th

Launch of Travel & Tourism

Toward the finish of December we will dispatch our first task which is our own Travel and Tourism Company accepting NTM as payment for issuing tickets, hotel booking and tourism. We will be leading travel and tourism Company with an exclusive team and a full- fledged tour operators. We will have numerous other enormous travel and tourism organizations locally available and accomplices with different organizations to reinforce our mission. “Don’t be a tourist, be a traveler”

2018 December 26th

Launch of mobile mining

Outline and actualize the versatile and web customers with decentralized pub/sub passage. We intend to dispatch our versatile application for both Android and iOS working frameworks where individuals can mine our coins through a committed portable mining programming. Our portable wallet will be utilized to store coins and for movement and tourism reason, for example, air tickets and inn appointments. Neoterium is another cryptographic money, made only for your versatile, making it simple for you to send, get and safely exchange advanced cash on your cell phone and, soon, you'll have the capacity to mine coins to add significantly more to your wallet. Neoterium has built up a pristine problematic innovation for profiting on portable – we join our own particular Blockchain, cryptographic money and the all-inclusive interest of versatile, to make something completely new that profits genuine! This is a digital money intended for anybody, anyplace to get included. We've expelled the boundaries of the occasionally elitist and confused advanced currency markets, with the goal that you can without much of a stretch send, get, spend and even make more NTM coins – all by simply utilizing the application! Our mobile wallet will be used to store coins and for travel & tourism purpose such as air tickets and hotel bookings.

2019 January 15th

Artificial Intelligence

Greatest project of 2020 where our advancement group joined with innovative software engineers will program machines observed and scripted by block chain innovation. Manmade brainpower is insight exhibited by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence (NI) showed by people and different creatures. Any gadget that sees its condition and takes activities that expand its risk of effectively accomplishing its objectives. Extent of AI is questioned: as machines turn out to be progressively proficient, errands considered as requiring ``insight`` are regularly expelled from the definition, a marvel known as the AI impact, prompting the joke ``AI is whatever hasn't been done yet.`` For example, optical character acknowledgment is oftentimes barred from ``artificial intelligence``, having turned into a normal innovation.

2020 July 10th


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